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  1. Bigred911 911GT

    Trevor sitting pretty n his privileged life spewing far left propaganda to his viewers. He’s no Jay Leno or Johnny Carson 👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮🤮

  2. AdalynLeigh

    I had an awful reaction to the first vaccine. I'm looking forward to seeing how I react to the second. And I'm very fond of my mask. All of things are because I care about the people around me and every single one of those is less awful than coughing up blood for six weeks which happened when I had Covid.

  3. Navid Kazemi nasaban

    #dauntewright Suspect dives inside the car during hand cuffing procedure and try to reach a gun; then got shot by police. What is the quetion and error? Is it police's fault? NO.

  4. Nina

    Trevor is always spittin' truth! Nodding my head in agreement the whole video.

  5. Leah B

    I wish we could cut Florida loose and just push it out to sea.

  6. Jae Lynn

    Florida "a drug filled den."

  7. Jen Klen

    Mask burning= the new book burning 😂

  8. Kirk W. McLaren

    I would love the Army to bring the law to these backward police and their managers.

  9. Shaun M

    Who's the war fighting?

  10. Nidal Hussain Her roj 7 gotin ji gotinên pêşiyan

  11. Andrea Devine

    Ok mom

  12. Dee A - Dawn Arrives

    The sad thing is this kind of thing happens every day but in a more subtle way during human interactions.

  13. Vera Sanders

    Where's this guy from.

  14. Sow


  15. eL Hippo

    Trevor Noah needs his a** whooped

  16. Jeff W.

    Who's more of a threat to the US? Russia and China.

  17. Rose Juliette

    Them scissor kicks are boss af.

  18. Jae Lynn

    States are allotted what they are allotted. If MI people want to behave poorly, that's their problem. Don't take vaccines from other states.

  19. Alejandro Kaplan

    The tactic of using umbrellas were a tactic originally used in Hong Kong against china’s authoritarian regime this is sad that our police are that bad

  20. Angel L

    I never understood why someones choice to become a cop is met with praise i can understand serving your country but to become a public servant to be apart of a union gang while the big bold eagle protects them "its exactly how they wanted it to be"

  21. Jack Jones

    Kid is responsible! If he pulled out a gun, when he broke free, we wouldn't be talking about this...and LOTS of cops get murdered!

  22. Vektor

    Trevor, another fun fact about the veteran officer who shot Daunte Wright - she is one of the officers who trains the rest of the officers on tazer use.

  23. bob frink

    there is much more than that 1 example but the funny thing is that 1 story actually has 2 examples but there are examples of MALES dominating in female sports all over the place..i just watched a dude dominate in handball and it was actually kind of funny watching ppl pretend he is a

  24. LuvIs43vr

    It hurts so much 😔

  25. Jae Lynn

    Build a wall around FL.

  26. Duerst The Wuerst

    Blakes should stop fighting with law enforcement.

  27. Jae Lynn

    I guess all those Michiganders who went to FL for Spring Break brought something back with them. Thanks IDIOTS!

  28. tcetter

    I don’t quite understand, is Trevor arguing that we should continue to give these doses knowing that there could be complications that could lead to death? Isn’t that what we’re trying to avoid? Is Trevor doubting the science?

  29. Thel 'Vadam

    It was a negligent discharge, but Deante was no victim. His actions brought consequences.

  30. rohan shirmard

    It's not about gun's or knives. It's about punishment. It's so rare in usa to execute murderers and drug dealers. You need to hang them where they committed the crime.

  31. Fernando Cortez

    What country is this dude from. How are blacks people treated in his country ?

  32. Square Bzness


  33. Zilothegoat

    The fact that they don’t care that they’re recording themselves 😹

  34. Stop the Sniff

    Biden has been a great leader in these trying times, thank you for helping rich white people stay in power

  35. Clyde Wood


  36. Mike Hunt-Ertz


  37. Jae Lynn

    Manchin isn't a Dem, that's clear.

  38. Delon Thomas

    Do u really believe is possible way the troops going after they left that country

  39. Stop the Sniff

    Thank you for helping Biden get elected! We need an old white man as President in these trying times!

  40. Wise Tekniquez

    Lol ain't nobody voting for another clown to get into office I think we're done with celebrities.

  41. Hey*Beautiful

    He saved his own lie by pulling into a well 'li(ved)t' area. NEVER, EVER, stop on a dark side of the road for the police. NEVER!!! EFF DAT'

  42. TheChiefEng

    America has always been a 3rd world banana republic. Some things just never change. American police officers are mostly incompetent, trigger happy cowards.

  43. namalmgren1

    A Repub in Dem clothing

  44. natureboy inyourface

    "Sun down town"

  45. Renee Brutvan

    Twenty yeuhs?! That's so many yeuhs!!

  46. Paul m

    I personally did cry when I saw the lieutenant being treated that way. but no one's giving credit to the other officer who was trying to de-escalate the situation. 1% of police officers are giving the 99% of bad rep. IV personally never had a bad experience with any law agency

  47. Eman Strong

    No way this dude believe the stuff he says. Don't listen to Elite's. They get paid to lie.

  48. acepilot1

    Remember, the idiom is, a bad apple spoils the whole bunch

  49. Lisa Flynn

    My goodness Trevor. That was exceptional and exactly on point. And what people need to understand. Very well said

  50. E A

    I like you Trevor I like your opinion as Comedian, Black man , and last but not least as a human being. BLM. 😞😞😞

  51. Stop the Sniff

    You do great work for BLM, thank you

  52. Tayeb Allama

    The best decision to be taken

  53. Thunder3gulf

    Think it’s time to go to marshal law we don’t accidentally shoot people during stops while I was in Iraq

  54. Diarmuid Faherty

    The war in Afghanistan is not ending, only ending for Americans

  55. Cosmic Jack How Crowder breaks this walking strawman down on a few issues so easily is so funny. He won't respond because he can't.

  56. Samy Basile

    "I love you too but Suzy's giving me dental so bye" I'm dead 🤣🤣💀

  57. Rambo Bell

    Line Them Up And Shot Them Like Duck's, No Justice!!!

  58. Lil Qiqi

    The world is laughing at you Americans 😂😂

  59. TheChiefEng

    Nothing is broken. It's just that America has always been a 3rd world banana republic.

  60. cherhung seet

    Yes America... go in, destroy a country, blast it to bits, pull out and let it rot! What a great first world organization you have.

  61. Mr Nicktor!!55

    trevor is now boring he is no longer funny like 2yrs ago i am gonna miss those old joke R.I.P Trump, russian accent, indian but my favorite is the one where he was saying Rocky balboa vs Jacki chan and thst boxer 😂😂😂

  62. CaptinOD

    As a community let’s have helpful discussion. Do your best to ignore trolls leaving ignorant comments. They typically have no intention of understanding your point. Have a great day!

  63. Joseph Stanhope

    0:39 that kid to the far right is the cutest thing ever 🥰

  64. Tyler Rodriguez

    I’m not defending the female officer. I’m just saying you never should have diversity hired her in the first place

  65. Anthony Coleman

    Now they need to let go that black cop that killed the white woman.

  66. Annette

    Could he appeal to Space Court?🤣🤣🤣

  67. R-TEX


  68. Johnny Lawrence

    THE DAILY SHOWS AUDIENCE. On the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress, only 18 percent of African-American fourth-graders were proficient in reading and only 19 percent scored as proficient in math, according to an analysis by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation released Friday. The eighth-grade numbers were even worse, with only 16 percent of African-American students proficient in reading and 13 percent proficient in math.

  69. Wayne Leong

    why did the police officer need to shoot him? was he resisting or somthing?

    1. Johnny Lawrence



    So all this so called training. And you can't tell the difference between a tazer and a gun?

  71. Minecrafter 02

    Surprise, surprise.