Matt Gaetz’s Sex Trafficking Allegations & Trump’s Newest Scam | The Daily Social Distancing Show

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    Donald Trump scams his own fans out of millions of dollars, and Rep. Matt Gaetz is under investigation for sex trafficking. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #MattGaetz
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    1. yasio bolo

      “Your Honor, my client Donald Trump didn’t scam his supporters. He was just reinvesting their monies to help with their retirement needs.”

    2. Loice Ochweri


    3. dcoog anml

      People who were chanting "stop the steal" should have directed it to their kingpin instead. They were robbed blind

    4. Jacquie Burcham

      Trump supporters, keep getting dumber and dumber. How can you continue to support somebody that outright STEALS from You? Finding it hard to have SMYPATHY. What will it take, to wake people up?

    5. Daniel Brakke

      Stop talking about trump, you’re a joke dude

    6. ceerw buty

      I can still hear the chance as if it was yesterday.. "STOP THE STEAL!!!” Oh, the Irony. 🤣

    7. Roy Morales

      His response was the Mexicans took it 🤔

    8. Qcumbers RTrash

      And they still say best president ever! 🤢

    9. mrslavanderblu


      1. ceerw buty

        no coincidence all major ghettos are dem ran..

    10. minij hooi

      For someone who claim to have so much money he sure ask for a lot of money. Lol 😂

    11. Havanna Bunnyfluff

      gaet goet gaetz

    12. Fight Picker

      How are your lives so boring and miserable that you are STILL talking about Donald Trump? Kicking rocks is a better alternative.

    13. Kopfjaeger 109

      Trevor Noah will say anything for ratings. Just like the rest of these T.V. people.

      1. minij hooi

        The con is on 🤣🤣🤣

    14. Henry Melonde

      Hello travel Noah, FYI he's not the president anymore so you can stop being a black racist and stop inciting racism.

    15. Nik


    16. Александр Курбатов

      bidens, harris, clintons, obama, ocasio-cortez, pelosi go to prison🤣👉🚔👮‍♂️

    17. Александр Курбатов

      Trump re-elected legally president of the United States until January 2025👍🇺🇸 is fact👍

    18. Rafael Aguilar


    19. Honey BloomGarden

      That's literally all he does

    20. Atom Heart

      literally picking peoples pockets clean and somehow they still support him

    21. MonkeyMode

      Tax dollars hard at work i see

    22. Jenna C

      😂.. Still Funny


      I can’t wait till of these accusations are confirmed.

    24. Erica Z

      Liberal policy takes our money, not Trump. These lies.. Stop the steal, mounting evidence of fraud.. Michigan did an audit and found 6.7% difference to Biden... People will be blind to corruption, because of hate and not see that socialism and communism are evil, or that liberal policy always makes America weak and destroys black neighborhoods, no coincidence all major ghettos are dem ran..

    25. Maria Santiago

      Oh but they blamed democrats of everything they do and is so funny no one sees the truth.

    26. Ag45067 Me and meme boy

      I can't blame him he really knew it can make a benefit out of them.

    27. Kate Dunno

      I bet he did it.

    28. keston boatswain

      The con is on 🤣🤣🤣

    29. Emily S

      as PT Barnum so accurately stated..."There is a sucker born every minute"

    30. MzPurpleHaze00


    31. J

      I can’t tell if Gaetz’s forehead is too far out of it his eyes are sunken too far back.

    32. sugar sweet

      I guess nowadays it costs to be racist lol

    33. Marcus Powell

      He supports white supremacy or white dominance so they don’t care what he does.

    34. Fiordaliza Mena

      Yea just like the blm Marxist leader and her million dollar homes that BLM donations went too! Hypocrisy!

    35. fabulousr2d2

      Just when you think you have seen it all in the 'Florida Man' saga 😂

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    36. Jun Gabao

      DONALD J TRUMP has conned America..a consummate liar, lies to cover-up previous lies..TRUMP shall lie the rest of his miserable life..

      1. akorede akeem

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      2. akorede akeem


      3. akorede akeem

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    37. RubyRim

      What else is new

      1. akorede akeem

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      2. akorede akeem

        I,,, know,,,, who,,,, can,,,, help,,,, you,,,, w,,h,, a,, t,,z,, z,, +1-2-0-4-5-0-0-1-6-6-2

      3. akorede akeem

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    38. marie rajbally

      “You think after getting scammed his supporters would have a second thought about him” Trevor they can’t think far less to have a second thought lol

    39. Tommy

      speaking of free 💀💦

    40. F Dryer

      Stop the Steal so I can steal from donors! Your Grifter, D. T.

    41. Solitair Cloud

      Where is the popcorn?? It never ends between him and these people who cant seem to understand who he is.

    42. Vino Gutt

      Hey Q, we found your swamp. Your welcome.

    43. veeva65

      Lol typical trump!

    44. soinhu foitu

      Creepy Gaetz is a perfect name for him.

    45. May Caldwell

      I no longer watch your programs as your views are no longer amusing. You lost your SA humour long ago. And you have gone the same way of most who have become enriched.

    46. Bibi Brin

      Why surprised? Which normal woman would willingly sleep with creepy Gaetz, huh?

    47. Jonathan Still

      A Mafia Don If that doesn't ahieve the desired results, he is known to resort to threatening and intimidation instead of diplomacy. He thinks of himself as God's gift to non - negotiation ! Truly a wannabe "Made " Man.

      1. soinhu foitu

        i hate trup he is a rup

    48. Brett Pearce

      Trump does what he does best. Scamming people. Banks. Wives. Businesses. Voters. The mark of a professional conman. It's hard to imagine how he ever got elected... oh yeah... he scammed the GOP.

    49. Martha Halda

      Hey Bevis & Butthead take offense to that remark about that slime ball being related to them

    50. Rambling Bill

      Biden’s campaign did the same exact thing. Check your information first.

    51. HeavenLee Justice

      041121 Thanks 4 the humor in all the BS we as Americans are witnessing. Am waiting 4 adult age prostitution to become legal. Just kidding.

    52. Lauren Romeo

      Please don't judge all of Florida based on rethuglicans....we've had a lot of Democratic governors in our past and can again...hoping. Just sayin.

    53. Martin Smith

      DON the CON 🤥 (the Great Cheat-O) just goes on and on ...

    54. Kenz300 x

      Don is a con man, a bully, a racist, a person that does not care about anyone but himself. Selfish, self centered, greedy and corrupt. The GOP cult will do anything to hold on to power and influence. They have sold their souls. Lie, cheat, steal, they think everything is OK to hold on to power. They will say or do anything to take down and discredit any opponent. Faux Noise has done much damage to the country and the world by spreading disinformation. He was trying to monetize his loss and fleece his supporters to fill his pockets before he left office. The con man keeps the con going and the gullible or naive send him money.

    55. Andrew C


    56. opzz xsin

      Kind of shocked that we are only hearing about this in April 2021 when he started fleecing his base in October 2020.

    57. 1just4laughs

      Couldn't have happened to a better group of people

    58. BTSandromeda

      Beavis and Butthead 😂

    59. Scars of the North JD

      Cue the tiny violin for those MAGA's

      1. opzz xsin

        This is what happens when you don't read the fine print.😂😂😂

    60. Tlot Pwist

      When do you plan to throw that orange clown into the cell he belongs to, America?

    61. Jenny S

      "....just admit everything and become King of Florida..." LOL

    62. Colette Yang

      i hate trup he is a rup

    63. Goddess Love

      I love your hair 💖

    64. Bjoerninger

      so he is doing what he is known for. unexpected to whom exactly? that is EXACTLY what they deserve. end of story ^^ i mean. you guys went to war to stop racism in the last century, and now... that. you support a racist. whatever

    65. vliduu zeeb

      This is what happens when you don't read the fine print.😂😂😂

    66. Kimberly Kolanek

      Shut upTrevor....liar

    67. Grandma Prepper

      Wow. People are just dumb!

    68. Alexander Lair

      Better to hear "Creepy Gaetz" than "Creepy Joe."

      1. vliduu zeeb

        Hey Trevor! That blondie may not know this but you should. Recurring payments don't happen unless the person making the payment opts for it.

    69. lukeyg387


    70. Irfan Wanata

      Con man conning more people. Surprise surprise

    71. Tater Tots

      The elegant account supposedly suffer because desire conceptually sigh towards a pointless withdrawal. terrible, evanescent var verbs = [aardvark

    72. Ralph Harris

      Well most politicians are worst sleezy species..

    73. serdy ximi

      This is what happens when you don't read the fine print.😂😂😂

    74. Fjk Fjk

      Trump Gangsta as fuqk. I have to hand it to him, he knew who to get over on.😂🤣

    75. The Art Doctor

      the words pyramid scheme and brainwash are coming to mind

    76. Di Loy

      I love his Melania voice XD

      1. serdy ximi

        They funded a rebellion so they deserve it 😎

    77. kemalasari dina

      How is this man still not in jail? 😩

    78. Rick Nation

      Hey. I love Trump supporters. I’ve scammed them out of quite a lot of money. Most gullible and submissive people on earth. I even have a maga flag in my shop. Just pretend you’re on their side. These morons will buy anything 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    79. Sakheni Nyembe

      You go storm the Capitol & I'll watch your stuff bring the rolex & the wallet 😂😂

    80. Mauleen Peart

      Check “Gate’ for the keys!

    81. Ray Renee


    82. Snafu

      Imagine listing to a late night show host about politics. As a european I must say American is my favorite reality show. What a clown fiesta EVEN without Trump

    83. P H

      Hey Trevor! That blondie may not know this but you should. Recurring payments don't happen unless the person making the payment opts for it.

      1. Newg Modo

        The box is already pre-checked. You have to uncheck it.

    84. Italo Tilli

      Hey Trevor, why you so hush on the ANC and its racism and and racist policies in South Africa. ????????

    85. questof1

      U get what U pay for

    86. Doris Green

      You cant scam a buffoon

    87. Michael B. Andrews

      The scrawny gymnast steadily communicate because command indisputably list against a belligerent octave. befitting, ordinary piano

    88. Jerron Ng

      Stop the Trump scam....

    89. Claudio Moraes

      US going down hill

    90. Emily Allen

      wish i could say i felt bad for those poor dopes.. Has Drumpf ever done anything that wasn't a scam??

      1. lil bert's mom

        It's not like it's hard to tell what he is.

    91. Brigadier General

      They funded a rebellion so they deserve it 😎

      1. lil bert's mom

        They may have funded Trump's massive debt to Russian oligarchs, but the did the rebellion for free.

    92. wikitikibiki

      trump scams _______ (add name of group here)

    93. Bag Ahsh


    94. Tommy Lewis

      Money talks…

    95. Dragana McCatty

      That’s what they get! Still not believing he’s a SCAM/FRAUD?!? 😂😂👊🏼

      1. butti fdft

        creative or original.

    96. Lloyd Pliskin

      Aahh a Florida Man

    97. Saviour Your

      Why is Trump still not in jail.. the guy wanted a Coup and made his supporters attack Capital city.. America is the land of the corrupt.. i mean in America u have to pay for a ambulance 😂😂😂..

      1. butti fdft

        Late night show hosts are absolutely a waste of a person's time. Johnny was funny, enraging and entertaining without lying and demeaning people non stop. Takes exactly

    98. bigavelik

      Make America Scam Again!!!!

    99. Jack Bobiek

      The tired board selectively blot because bee rhetorically attempt until a stormy ramie. tired, fascinated steven

    100. D Vo

      Oh first love cuts the deepest lolz